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Jobs and Economy

As Governor, Dean will veto any new or increased taxes, period. Democrats in Carson City are always looking for new ways to raise taxes, but Dean will always look for new ways to increase your take-home pay.

Pro Life

Dean Heller is a 100% pro-life conservative. As a father, and a grandfather, Dean knows first hand that each and every life is a precious gift from God.

Supporting Law Enforcement

The radical left wants to defund the police and put criminals back on the streets. Not on Dean’s watch. Our brave men and women in law enforcement put their lives on the line every single day for us, and they deserve our full support. Police must have all the resources they need to keep us safe.

Fighting Illegal Immigration

Nevadans need safety and security for their families. As Governor, Dean Heller will lead the fight to crack down on illegal immigration, end catch and release, ensure that Nevada police fully cooperate with ICE, and oppose sanctuary cities.

Safe and Secure Elections

The 2020 election was a mess. Nevadans need to have faith that their elections are safe and secure. As the former Secretary of State of Nevada, Dean Heller knows a thing or two about fighting voter fraud. As Secretary of State, he was the first in Nevada history to conduct a forensic audit of an election and dismissed election officials who were failing to do their jobs. As Governor, Dean Heller will push to eliminate ballot harvesting, require citizens to present an ID to vote, end universal mail-in ballots, and veto any proposal from the radical far left to further destabilize our elections.

No Lockdowns or Mandates

The coronavirus pandemic hit Nevada hard. Under Governor Sisolak, Nevada citizens faced endless lockdowns, constant mask mandates, and saw businesses all across the state close their doors. Kids had to play soccer games in masks. It’s time to reopen Nevada’s economy, end the lockdowns, end the mandates, and get Nevadans back to work.


Dean’s plan for education is simple: Reopen schools now. For far too long, the teacher unions have taken our kids out of the classroom and put them on Zoom. At the same time, schools have been teaching our kids Critical Race Theory. These kinds of reckless policies hurt our children and their long-term potential. We also need to provide Nevadans with more educational choices. That means increased school choice, increased funding for charter schools, and increased funding for vocational schools. Not everyone needs a lifetime of debt from a liberal university to get a job. Nevadans need to have the choice to learn a trade, become a coder, welder, or mechanic. When Dean is Governor, every Nevadan will have that choice.

Second Amendment

As a lifelong gun owner, Dean knows the importance of the Second Amendment. In fact, he is the only candidate in this race who has been endorsed by the NRA. Liberal elites think that the Second Amendment is all about hunting. While hunting is important, the Second Amendment is so much more than that: It’s about defending our homes and our families from criminals and defending our freedoms from those who would take them away. As your Governor, Dean will veto any legislation that restricts your right to defend yourself, including assault weapons bans, magazine size restrictions, and support Constitutional Carry.