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Heller Takes Lead On Renewable Energy

Las Vegas, NV – Dean Heller has long fought to bring a variety of sources of renewable energy to Nevada. He has consistently championed renewable energy development that will help create jobs and provide clean sources of energy.

Dean Heller takes the lead while working in bipartisan ways to develop solar and wind energy:

"Congressman Dean Heller and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today introduced legislation that would extend royalties and lease income from solar and wind projects to home states and counties.
(Las Vegas Sun, "Harry Reid, Dean Heller back clean energy legislation," July 14, 2010)

"Nevada Senator Harry Reid and Nevada Congressman Dean Heller today introduced companion bills in the Senate and House of Representatives that would create a new revenue source for Nevada’s county and state governments and diversify local economies by creating new clean energy jobs."
(Solar Thermal Magazine, "Senator Harry Reid and Congressman Dean Heller introduce a Clean Energy Jobs bill for Nevada," July 14, 2010)

In light of the fact that Nevada is nearly 85% federal land, Dean Heller has worked hard to facilitate access to appropriate federal lands for those interested in responsible development:

"Getting a project out the door quickly is key in the renewable energy business, where developers are scrambling to roll out projects in time for states such as California to meet their renewable energy portfolio standards…Reid and Heller, a Republican, are proposing two BLM tracts in Lincoln County for solar development with expedited permitting.
(Las Vegas Sun, "Bill seeks to expedite land leases to solar developers," 6/22/2010)

Job creation is Dean Heller’s top priority. Dean urged President Obama to include clean energy in any jobs plan:

"In an encouraging move in early September, Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., sent a letter to President Obama to express support for the president’s clean energy plan as a jobs creator, reminding the president that we cannot let this issue slip to the side."
(Biomass Power and Thermal, "Biomass Industry Must Stress Job Growth," September 20, 2011)
Note: You can view the letter to the President in its entirety here.

Dean Heller tackled renewable energy development since his first term in Congress:

"As Nevada is a leader in renewable energy development, I strongly support alternative and renewable fuels, and voted for a renewable portfolio standard. In a number of cases, my support for these bills meant crossing party lines. However, these bills barely scratch the surface of our fuel problems, nor are they a substitution for a realistic and truly comprehensive energy policy."
(Nevada Appeal, "It’s time for real energy solutions," Congressman Dean Heller, July 8, 2008)

More ways that Dean has promoted clean energy include:

  • Coauthored the Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act of 2011 (S. 1775) with Senator Tester to facilitate solar and wind development on public lands.
  • Coauthored H.R. 2362, the Renewable Energy Permitting Act of 2009 with Senators Ensign and Reid to establish and carry out a pilot program to improve federal renewable energy permit coordination.
  • Coauthored H.R. 5508, the American Solar Energy Pilot Leasing Act of 2010, with Senator Reid. This bill facilitates solar and wind energy development on public lands.
  • Coauthored H.R. 5735, the Clean Energy, Community, Investment, and Wildlife Conservation Act, with Senator Reid to establish a wind and solar leasing pilot program on public lands.
  • Supported and voted for a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) during consideration of H.R. 3221, the New Direction for Energy Independence, National Security, and Consumer Protection Act. This would require an increase in clean energy production.
  • Supported renewable energy production tax credits (PTC), which provides a tax credit for electricity produced from renewable energy facilities. Since its inception, the PTC has helped the United States create thousands of megawatts of new clean, renewable electricity, resulting in thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars’ worth of economic activity.
  • Supported the Renewable Energy Development Act, H.R. 3482, which directed the Secretary of the Interior to carry out a program for the leasing of federal lands to advance, develop, assess, install, and operate commercial renewable solar, wind, and geothermal energy systems.
  • Cosponsored H.R. 5984 in the 110th Congress, the Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act of 2008. This legislation amends the Internal Revenue Code to extend certain tax incentives for energy production and conservation.